Google Maps now lets you flag wheelchair-friendly places

Google Maps now lets you flag places to be wheelchair-friendly. Previously, you had to rely on “Local Guides” – other users – to tell you about places. Now flags can be left permanently to tell others who visit later. According to Google, nearly seven million places now have accessibility information…

Google Maps’ offline navigation feature arrives on iOS

If you happen to be spending this Christmas season travelling overseas without a mobile data plan, you might want to consider updating the Google Maps app on your iOS device to the latest version before you embark on your escapade, as it will allow you to download offline maps for…

Google Maps now warns you if your destination is closed, lives contextual search

Say you’re in a faraway place on holiday, and you’ll be there for less than a week. You have your first couple of days already packed with activities, and on the remaining day you decide to go to this famous restaurant that is said to blow the minds of even…

Google Maps Goes Under The Sea

  Google Maps is quite a hot topic lately, mostly due to the fact that the application isn’t available on iOS 6 as yet. And now, perhaps to remind Apple on what they’re missing out, Google has introduced their new underwater Street View collection.   Not that there are underwater…, pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0