Country blocking using Nginx with IP2Location Module

After few days of trying, trying and trying, finally find out the way to compile the IP2Location module into the Nginx in Ubuntu server. I try to compare multiple way of doing the country block with Nginx, where in my previous post, the country blocking is done with GeoIP module (which I found out more…

How to get to know you Ubuntu server public IP

When come to configure server, we always want to know what’s our server public IP is in order to whitelist or configure the security access to it, when using Widnow server, you may easily open your browser and browse to the website such as or to get to know your public IP. In…

40+ Most Used Linux Terminal Commands

Two things are true of the Linux command line: one, there are thousands of possible commands you can use at any given time, and two, you’ll only end up using a fraction of them. Despite the power offered, most of us just repeat the same commands over and over again.…, pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0