ColdFusion mail spool related issues.

Just came back from long valentine holiday and get the complaint from my colleague that they never received the schedule task report for few days. But when I check in our system, all the data and report successfully run as per scheduled.

After Google for a while, found some blogger discuss about this issue where the problem come from the CFMail spooling. Basically this is because of ColdFusion server loses it’s connection to the mail server momentarily or the mail server authentication fail due to some small problem, you can easily find out this problem from the CFIDE mail.log.

I also Google the solution to resolve this issue as the step is pretty simple but you may need to take down ColdFusion services for a moment so that the file lock is deleted. Here are the few simple step that help you to spool our your stuck email.

1. Cut and paste all .cfmail files from the spool folder into a temporary folder at any where of your server.

2. Restart the Coldfusion services.

3. Drag the .cfmail files from your temporary folder back into spool folder at about 200 message at a time, waiting for the email to be process and moving in another batch for process again.

Normally as the adminitrator or developer, you will not notice this issue until your client complaint that they never received certain email for sometime, or you may need to check your mail.log regulary to see is any issue exists for your cfmail tag to deliver the email.

Hope this help.

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