Concardis to support Alipay in Austria and Switzerland

Concardis, a payment service provider, has announced that it will support Alipay payments in Austria and Switzerland.


In Austria, Gössl is the first merchant that allows Chinese consumers to pay using their smartphones with the Alipay app. The clothing brand will start by supporting the app in 20 stores in Austria and plans to extend the service to seven other stores in Germany.


Concardis also intends to launch the Chinese payments app in Switzerland by October 2017. The first integration will take place with jewellery merchants like Wempe, TOD’s and Timberland.


The payment service provider has already managed to launch Alipay in Germany, where the payment method is accepted at several hundred store locations. Most recently, football club Borrusia Dortmund, which has a large fan base in Asia, has implemented the Chinese payments app in its souvenir shops.


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