Contact form – Bring your reader close to you

contact-us-logoOne of the way for your reader to contact you personally is via the Contact form. This can make bring you as the owner of the blog and your reader become more closer.

The closer you and your reader are, the higher percentage they will return back to read your blog again and also introduce to their friend. So indirectly this will bring more traffic to your site.

How to create the Contact Form?

  1. Install the actual contact form plugin, I’m using cForms as it provide extremely flexible to customize the form. But it maybe a little bit conplex
  2. Add the new page and name it as you like, I will named it as “Contact”
  3. You will find the small cForm icon on the top of the text editor,just click on it and select the form that you had customize it in the cForms control panel

You may also try out some other contact form such as Enhanced WordPress Contact Form, and Contact Form 7.

Click here to download cForm
Click here to download Enhanced WordPress Contact Form
Click here to download Contact Form 7

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