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COVER if your smartphone fixing plan at the price of Only RM 90 for 6 months, it equivalent to as low as RM 0.50 a days. Smartphone is an essential gadget for every one nowadays, you may forget to bring your wallet, house key, or car key with you, but you may not bringing your mobile phone with you. With the depreciation of our ringgit, all the smartphone can easily costing few thousand, repairing it may also at lease cost you few hundred of ringgit.


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Cover it’s the Malaysia first ever fixing plan which available in Klang Valley now, it will cover up to whole Malaysia very soon. By subscript to the cover fixing plan, you may save even more if your loved gadget need to go for the “treatment”.

Basically Cover it’s cover the following for your smartphone:

1. Cracked screen
2. Touchscreen malfunction
3. Home button failure
4. Camera malfunction
5. Battery failure
6. Charging port failure
7. Headphone jack
8. Speaker problem
9. Microphone failure
10. Volume buttons malfunction


These are the most common malfunction component in most of the smart phone, with Cover, you can actually save up more cost for repairing, not only that, COVER also provide the speedy service where you can send in your smartphone to the participate agent store and they will do the checking for you immediately and will get the problem fixed in no time. The agents can be easily found all around Klang Valley and more agent will be come on-board to join in.

Not only that, COVER also provide the 24/7 assistance where you can file a report or submit your inquiry via COVER app for prompt actions.


The following are the phone brand that currently cover by the plan

1. Asus
2. Huawei
3. Apple
4. Lenovo
5. Motorola
6. One Plus
7. Samsung
8. Vivo
9. Xiao Mi
10. Blackberry
11. Oppo
12. Sony


It’s time to consider to insured your loved smartphone in order to reduce any possible cost on repairing your phone in the future. Please do share with us if you have any though about what COVER provided.

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