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gmail-logoIf you are heavy Gmail user, then you should realized that Gmail does not allow the HTML tag in the signature. But it will be better if you can add your web site link, your web site logo or some other interesting signature that may represent you. If you really search from the internet, there is still a solution for you to doing that, just that you may do a little bit more job.

Most of the time you may found the solution from your search engine is install the additional plugin for your Firefox browser, but very hard to get the solution for Google Chrome (as i’m the heavy google chrome user).

How about for the Google Chrome Browser?

Don’t worry, there is a way for you to doing so.

How to create Gmail html signature in Chrome?

To use the HTML signature in your Gmail with Google Chrome, you may going through some additional step which may not that difficute. Here is the solution.

Step 1

Get your HTML signature ready – mean that you should pre-design how your signature should look like and it is better that is a HTML version.

If you don’t have it, don’t worry, you may create it either using the WYSIWYG text editor provided by GeekFG web site or dreamwaver.

Step 2

Go to this page, GeekFG’s web site provide the great application for you to generate the javascript bookmark that allow you to use it later in your Gmail as the HTML signature with only a single click.

The page may show an error if you access it using your Google Chrome browser, so it is recomand that using either firefox, IE, or Opera to access and create your javascript signature.

On the WYSIWYG editor, click the button that says “HTML.” That will switch the text field to an HTML view. Now paste the block of HTML for your signature into the field and click the “Go to Step 2? button.

Step 3

You should now see something like this:

Drag & Drop this link [ Signature ] in your favorite toolbar, and enjoy

Since our goal is to get the bookmarklet into Chrome, and we are currently using another browser to run the generator you will need to view the source of this page. To do this, right click on the link of [Signature] and select [copy link location]

Step 4

Paste the content of the link that you had just copy on the NotePad or any text editor, you should get a very long and messy text. Don’t worry, you are still on the right way.

Search the string of


and replace with


Select all [Ctrl] + [a] the text and copy [Ctrl] + it.

Step 5

Back in the Chrome browser make sure that the top toolbar is showing by pressing [Ctrl]+[B]. Then right click on the top toolbar anywhere that does not already have a button. From the options, select “Add page…”

In the name field, place anything you want (I simply called Gmail Signature). In the URL filed paste the entire link that we copied in Step 4 and click OK.

You should now see a button in the top bar of Chrome that says “Gmail Signature” or what ever you called your link.

Step 6

Navigate over to Gmail and compose a new message. With the compose screen open, click the button that you just created.

If you followed all the steps correctly, you will see you email signature magically appear at the bottom of your email body

WYSIWYG editor in GeekFG to let you create HTML signature
WYSIWYG editor in GeekFG to let you create HTML signature

The signture link that generated by the application
The signture link that generated by the application

This is my sample signature that just created
This is my sample signature that just created

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