Custom Themes in Gmail

Another new and interesting feature just added into your Gmail, where now you can add your own photos to your Gmail theme. Other than choosing the present theme available from the list, you can create one which is belong to yourself.


It’s easy to upload your own photo to Gmail via the Settings > Themes page. The new theme photos are thoroughly integrated with Google+, however, so you can quickly choose photos from your Google+ photo collection if you don’t want to upload photos directly.


When using your own photos as your background, Gmail will limit you to choose between either the Light or Dark theme. If you prefer not to use your own photos, you can use whichever Gmail theme you like.

Other than you can upload your own photo, you may also select any featured background image from the list.


Will the custom background images in your Gmail, Google make the Gmail more lively and closer to their user, so will you pick your own photo for your Gmail background today?


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