Did you know? You can run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch!

 Screenshot taken from Nick Lee (YouTube)

When Apple said the S1 chipset of the Apple Watch has a miniaturized computer architecture, it is not kidding at all!

Developer Nick Lee detailed on his blog how he hacked his Apple Watch to run Winows 95 in emulation. The process is fairly technical and in a nutshell, Lee said that it is possible to patch certain files within a WatckKit app to load an app code rather than Apple’s.

Screenshot taken from Nick Lee (YouTube)

Screenshot taken from Nick Lee (YouTube)

Lee also stated that it took an hour for the Apple Watch running Windows 95 to boot into a usable state. There is nothing you can do on the Apple Watch, but this demonstration only shows that the Apple Watch is as powerful or even more powerful than the desktop we had in the 1990s.

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