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Are you even experience that to write just a simple blog it take you very long time? Maybe as hour or more.


Where actually the time go? With the colorful digital life, very hard for us to just sit in front of the computer and do the typing. While we are typing, at the same time we are still on Friendster looking for friend, hang around with Facebook on the game application, searching for our favorites video clip on youtube, chating in MSN. I believe most of the people will have this bad experience.


Darkcopy Logo

If you’ve forgotten how great it feels to really write distraction-free, then let Darkcopy help you rediscover your muse.


Dackcopy is a very simplify typing note come with green-on-black. This combination of color will help you to focus on your typing. In addition, DarkCopy also build in with the spelling checker.

After you finish your typeing, just click on the save as file button to save the text file on your computer.


Dackcopy text pad screen shot
Darkcopy text pad screen shot

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