Distributing Andriod application file .apk with IIS 7+

To distributing the Andriod application via the IIS 7+, you need to create the custom MIME type map for it, than only your IIS can recognize and know how to handle the file with .apk extension.

To doing that is very simple only:

  1. Upload the .apk file to your webserver
  2. Open the web site that the .apk file located
  3. Click on MIME type
  4. Click on Add
  5. Enter .apk in the file name extension text box
  6. Enter application/octet-Stream in the MIME Type text box
  7. Click OK
  8. Done
Mime Type in IIS website
Click on the MIME type in IIS features view to add the file extension of .apk


Add MIME type
Just simply enter the .apk into the file name extension text box and application/octet-Stream into the MIME type text box


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