Easily synchronize and backup your file using Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the well-known and commonly use free cloud storage in the market because of the very easy to use interface and also works practically everywhere on every device. Being able to synchronize your documents, music, photos, and more is a great use of Dropbox, but what would be even better is if we could synchronize our programs’ settings and associated data via Dropbox as well.


However, we can’t simply just drag and drop the folder with such data from its intended location to our Dropbox folder, so what can we do instead to synchronize Dropbox?  One solution is to use Dropboxifier.


Dropboxifier is a tiny program that no any installation needed, just simply download and run it. The program is develop mainly for the use with dropbox, but they are now start to support other cloud storage provider such as Google Drive, Sky Drive, etc.


Dropboxifier is that uses an idea of symbolic link, (which is kind of like a shortcut at the file system level) and it actually act like a real files/folder. This key difference is important because while Dropbox doesn’t follow the path of conventional shortcuts, it will be able to follow the path of symbolic links as it cannot tell the difference between real folders and symbolic links.


Dropbox will go into those folders and see the stuff you want it to synchronize, and it’ll do its job. The real location of that data is still, however, where your program’s files are.


Dropboxifier’s interface is rather simple, and there’s really only three text fields you need to worry about.


At the very top you’ll see a “Dropbox folder” location field where you can browse to your Dropbox folder (and hit Yes to the prompt that appears so Dropboxifier can keep track of what symbolic links it creates). The program will then use that path to create the symbolic links.


Over on the left, you’ll see a “Name” text field where you can give the link a name while will be the Dropbox folder’s name, and so it’s more easily identifiable within Dropboxifier and a “Source” input field where you can browse to the folder that contains the data you’d like to sync.


Once you’ve done all that, hit Dropboxify and it’ll instantly setup the symbolic link. To receive the synchronized data on another computer, simply repeat the process. Remember to keep the source path the same, so don’t use the Dropbox folder on the other computer as your source.


To remove a Dropboxified folder, simply choose it from the list and hit “Undropboxify Selected” and it’ll break the symbolic link between the two folders. You can also choose to leave the “Delete Dropboxed Folder” so the folder in your Dropbox that corresponded to the symbolic link is also removed.


Dropbox provide a lot of flexibility and convenience to use and now the Dropboxifier actually adds even more flexibility of dropbox with simple configure the custom file/folder to be sync to your dropbox cloud storage. At this point of time, Dropboxifier still in the beta status base on the developers, you may free to download and use it at your own risk. (it worked perfectly for my lab test. )


Feel free to try it out and share your experience with me, or if you experienced with any other similar application, please feel free to share with me as well.


Click here to download Dropboxifier
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