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email-signature-logoA small tips for all the website owner. You may include your web blog url, web site url or RSS link in your email signture to help you in attracting some free traffic to your site.

You may design the signature in HTML form with the editor tools such as Macromedia Dreamwaver or Microsoft front page, then attach it in your email client. But for Gmail Webmail user, you need a tools such as WiseStamp to help you to attach it, as by default Google don’t allow HTML signature.

With the website url and the RSS link provided, you may attract your receiver who are actually wish to know you better. It may be useful for those who like to send the forwarded email to your friend.

I did this few weeks ago and it did help me in increasing my web blog traffic and also increase the subscriber number for by feed.

Hopefully this small tips can help you all.

My sample siganture in my Gmail
My sample siganture in my Gmail

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