Facebook’s ‘Journalism Project’ aims to boost quality of news being shared

If you’re an active Facebook user, chances are you’ve seen more than a couple of absurd news stories being shared by friends who have been duped into believing that these stories were real. To combat this, Facebook has launched a program called the ‘Facebook Journalism Project’.

As its name suggests, the program’s main aim is to increase the quality of news that’s being shared on the social network. More importantly, it will be a platform for the company to work with journalists to create better storytelling tools and find ways to monetize them. In addition, it will also train journalists to better use Facebook as a means to better disseminate their news. Last but not least, the program aims to promote better news literacy.

Campbell Brown, a former television journalist, is heading this effort, and to this end, has been hired as Head of News Partnerships for Facebook. Brown was previously an NBC News correspondent and CNN prime-time host. You can read more about this program here.

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