Fixing Google analytics issue in Masagana Theme

Few days back, when I try to log into my Google Analytics to check my blog status, I’m suprise that my blog is not being tracking after I change to the new Masagana WP Theme. After try out few way including deactivate and activate back the analytics plugin, reinstall the plugin, but still no luck to make it work.

I try to google and finally found out that that’s not only my self have this problem, there are a lot of people who using the same blog with me also having the same problem.

I came across a post which highlights the solution to fix this issue.What has caused this issue is that a function has missing or left out from the theme which prevents WP Stats and Google Analytics from working. Apparently, the theme owner has forgotten to insert the function. To fix this issue, you need to edit the footer.php in your theme editor. From your WordPress’s admin panel, navigate to Design > Theme Editor > footer.php.

In the footer.php, just add the following code intot it, I believe the new downloaded Masagana WP Theme footer being encrypted, so just insert the code before the encrypted code to make it work.

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Once done, update the file. WP Stats and Google Analytics should be working by now.

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