Flash get special features – Site Explorer/FTP client


Flash Get is the very famous download manager, it can split the downloading file up to 10 concurrent session, then it will run concurrently. Actually the function for flash get is not only that, it also can behave as a FTP explorer.

Normally if you want to browse or download a file from the FTP site, you need a FTP client such as Cute FTP, Filezilla, Leech FTP, FTP Commander or other. But actually, once you install the Flash Get in your system, you can ignore other FTP client.

You can open the Flash Get site explorer at [Tools] -> [Site Explorer] or just press [F7]. Then you will get a Flash Get site explorer prompt up.

The look and feel very similar to the window explorer as you will get the full list of folder structure in the left hand panel, and the file in the in the right top panel. The log information will be appear at the right bottom panel.

You can just enter the FTP site URL at the top of the site explorer to access your FTP site. The format for your url is ftp://username:[email protected]


Or, you may just enter the http site url like http://yourdomain.com.

After you login to the FTP site, you just need to double click on the file which you like to download, then the Flash Get download panel will appear to ask for your confirmation and the location to store the file.

The good thing to use the Flash Get site explorer as your FTP client is you no need to download and install another separate application in your system, it can done using your existing Flash get application. Futher more, the connection speed is quite acceptable.

But there are also disadvantages to using the Flash Get site explorer as your FTP client because it only allow you to download the file but not to upload. Another problem is every time the download confirmation alert will prompt up whenver you try to download the file.


Flash get site explorer
Flash get site explorer
Flash get download explorer
Flash get download explorer

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