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MAPS.ME is an open source cross-platform offline maps application, built on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data. It was publicly released for iOSAndroid, Kindle and BlackBerry (You may view all store at here). cover all countries and all cities including the smallest island, not only that, the smoothly zoom in and zoom out and also the recommended place of interest is another big benefit for user. It’s also support the offline search for the location within the apps, and you can always bookmark it in order refer it back later on.


Another good news is if you are developer and you may contribute your self to make the apps better because the source code is completely open, you can download it from GitHub and contribute to it.


This apps is very useful when you travel to the country where the bandwidth for mobile phone is expensive or the mobile coverage it’s not fully cover, than this is a must have tools for your mobile phone or your tablet. As I just back from New Zealand for my 2 weeks holiday, I bookmarking all the location that I wish to go before I leaving my country and I really save up so much of data bandwidth throughout my whole driving journey.




But during my using, I found out there are some weakness for the apps where if you are looking for a very specific location such as your friend house, it’s may not 100% accurate, but if you searching for the tourism spot with a landmark, it’s really bring you to the right direction with the accurate estimation of arrived time. Because of it’s totally offline maps, so you may not get the estimation of the traffic flow for the location whereas Waze and Google maps can providing you such information.


If you really need to use to searching for a location especially house unit number, what I recommend is that you use bring you to the nearest area and use either Waze or Google Maps to find exact location, so you can minimize the wasted for your mobile data bandwidth. 



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