Gemalto, Qualcomm to integrate eSIM for online payments and authentication services


Gemalto has partnered with Qualcomm Technologies to integrate mobile connectivity solutions with Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile PC platform.

The effort will support the integration of Gemalto’s eSIM technology and remote subscription management solutions, with the new Secure Processing Unit (SPU) on the Snapdragon mobile PC platform. The innovation will provide LTE and forthcoming 5G connection and a foundation for consumer applications such as online payments, transport ticketing and authentication to cloud services. This initiative represents the first time an eSIM will be integrated with processing platforms designed to power Always Connected PCs and similar consumer devices, according to the press release. .

The first wave of Always Connected PCs to incorporate Snapdragon mobile PC platforms featuring Gemalto’s technology are expected as early as 2019.

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