The Perfect Digital Wallet for All Your Loyalty Card and Reward Programs

Loyalty cards and rewards programs have greatly increased in number recently. Gone are the days when only high end brands offer such things. Today, more and more brands have realized the great importance of having loyalty cards and rewards programs as far as keeping their customers and brand promotion is concerned.

Giift - Free Voucher

Since almost every brand, store, and grocery today offers some sort of loyalty card or reward programs, consumers cannot catch up with what is happening to a specific loyalty card. As a result, most of the reward points either expire or become forgotten.


If you are quite a shopaholic like us, then you must have experienced losing more than one loyalty card or losing track of the rewards points simply because you have lost count of how many cards you have already acquired. I am also betting you have no plans of making them all fit in your card holder and carry them every single day.


Despite all these, we all are still tempted to get as much loyalty card and rewards points as we can. Regardless if we can actually make good use of them in the future or not, we still collect them. Now how would you feel if I tell you we have found an amazing application that acts like a digital wallet for all our loyalty cards and reward points?


I guess we were sort of hoping and expecting for an application like this to come out sooner or later because of the increase in mobile loyalty cards and rewards points. But totally went beyond our expectations.


It is a truly revolutionary mobile application that has made lives of millions of people in Singapore easier. Today, they have geared towards the global stage with offices at Beijing, Paris, and New York.


What is About Exactly? is basically called a gift network. It is currently the largest loyalty card network with more than 1,200 programs. In addition to this, it can also track reward balance programs in over 50 countries. It is even available in three different languages namely English, Chinese (Mandarin), and French.Giift - Smart Phone Voucher


This basically works in a way that all you need to do is register and from there you can start adding up all your acquired loyalty cards and rewards programs. Their database is quite vast with more than 500 programs. We did not have a hard time registering and adding up our loyalty cards one by one so I do not expect you to have a hard time either.


After adding all the loyalty cards and rewards programs we have gathered through the many years, we were surprised some of which we have not used and have forgotten are still active. This took us a while adding up everything though but the result is very satisfying. Where else can you find an app today that compiles everything so efficiently?


The best thing about is that it is more than just a digital wallet. It also acts as a social platform since you can connect with friends and exchange unused loyalty or reward points with them. You can even get paid simply by recruiting your friends to register.


From how we see it, this is an application where the saying, “the more, the merrier” is applicable. The more friends you get to join, the more you get paid and the more options you have if you plan to exchange points.


With, you not only have the benefit of monitoring all your loyalty cards and rewards points but you can also use them even for your online purchases. Through that way, you can still get more points. Check now and you will surely never look back at disorganized loyalty and reward cards all over your bags.


This downloadable app allows you to get more bang for your buck with the vast array of exclusive loyalty programs and discounts. Check their video which will give you a good idea of what they offer:

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