Gmail Gets Back its Full-Screen Compose Mode

Ever since Gmail launched its new Compose mode in March, which offered users a selection of new tools to write their emails, there have been a few of us who have been hoping that they’ll bring back the original full-screen Compose mode. Well, it looks like that time has come at last: Google’s email service now offers a full-screen option that centralizes the compose mode in the middle of your inbox, expanding it across the screen for a bigger, better viewing experience.


With it, users will be able to see the formatting toolbar by default; there’s no need to click any extra buttons to access it. Even better is the option to set the full-screen compose as your default, which is done by checking the “default to full screen” option in the settings. Users can change to full screen viewing on the fly by clicking the “expand” button in the top right window, however.

Users who don’t see the full-screen Compose mode need not worry though: the function is scheduled to be up and running for all users over the next few days.

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