Remote desktop connections are always a great help while troubleshooting computers. By gaining access to a friend’s computer remotely you can easily understand what computer problem they are having and resolve it. Here to offer its own solution for remote desktop sharing is Google’s new tool called Chrome Remote Desktop.


Chrome Remote Desktop is a browser extension by Google released for Chrome. The extension installs in your browser and generates an authentication code for you to share with others. The person you share the code with must also be using Google Chrome with Chrome Remote Desktop installed. This other person can visit the extension’s options and select the “Access a shared computer” option to connect with your computer after they provide your authentication code. Once the connection has been established, your computer could be controlled remotely by the other person; similarly you will be able to control his computer through your Chrome window.


You need to grant the permission to the extension before you can actually start using it


After everything, just provide your remote partner with the generated code, than he will be able to access your computer


Watch the follow video clip on how the Google Chrome remote desktop work:


Click here to download Google Chrome remote desktop extension

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