Google Data Centers Now Open to the World

For the first time, Google has opened the doors to its data centers, giving the world a look at where all their data is stored. They recently invited photographer Connie Zhou to their datacenters so she could go trigger happy and snap everything that went on there. The photos can be found here.


In addition to being able to view these great photos, users can also virtually explore Google’s Lenoir, North Carolina data center. With Street View, you’ll be able to walk through the front door, head upstairs, hang around the data center floor, or simply stroll around the exterior of the building.


The Google team has also said that they will be sharing some upcoming plans with the public, and explain more about the photos that were taken by Zhou at their Google Green Blog. No details as to when this information will be shared, so it’s best to follow the team over at their blog. Here are some more photos from the album:

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