Google Drive for desktop to be replaced with Backup and Sync app by March next year

If you haven’t already heard, then perhaps now is a good a time as any to inform you that come December 11, 2017, Google will be officially ending its support for its popular cloud storage service app, Google Drive, for the PC and Mac.


According to multiple reports, the search engine and advertising giant intends to wind down Drive by March 12, 2018 next year for the desktop. In its absence, Google will be replacing Drive with its new Backup and Sync App.


Just to be clear, the Drive service isn’t going anywhere:  you’ll still be able to access it from the internet and your smart device (for both Android and iOS), but as far as cloud storage priority goes, it’s the new Backup and Sync app that’ll be taking the lead for both the Google Drive and Photos uploader app.

One of the primary reasons for Google’s move is because the new approach will enable Google’s software to synchronize files that you store on your desktop, and also to make all photos parts of its own Google Photos app as well. More over, the new Backup and Sync app actually allows you to backup your entire PC, file for file (and provided that you enough storage space in the cloud service).


Another service that Google rolled out is the Drive File Streamer. Designed for enterprise users, the app essentially allows users to save space by allowing access to “all of your Google Drive files on demand, directly from your computer.” Simply put, it basically allows you to make changes to your files that is streaming from a particular desktop, negating any concerns about the consuming additional disk space.



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