After few weeks of discussion about the release date for Google Drive, finally it come to live now. I received the Welcome to Google Drive email this morning and is time for me to explore more about this new product from the search engine giant.

Basically Google drive is the products that release by Google that use to compete with Microsoft Skydrive, Drop Box and Box as the cloud storage. With the Google Drive, it allow you to store your file in the cloud drive and you can access it from any where at any time. Besides using your computer, you may also access the file via your mobile devices such as smart phone as well tablet.

Google Drive come with 5GB of free clouds file storage and upgradable to 25GB (USD $2.49/month), 100GB (USD $4.99/month), or 1TB (USD $49.99/month). When you upgrade to any of the payable storage, your Gmail storage will also expand to 25GB.

Up to this time, Google drive download apps only available for Window, Mac and Android only, the apps for iOS still not available yet, but I believe in a very soon it will available for iOS.

Google Drive is a very powerful tools and this add a very big value for the Google OS (Chrome OS) which fully running through the internet.

To access your Google drive now at

Finally received the Google Drive release email
Google Drive will automatically put your Google Doc into my Drive
After install the Google Drive apps in your computer, it will appear in your notification area

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