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There are a lot of tools either is free or paid to help you to increase your site traffic, one of the important is the SEO. The search engine giant – Google do provide us a lot of tools for free such as Google Webmaster to help us to increase our site traffic by bringing in the web user from the search engine.

But are you really understand how actually the search engine actually work and how to increase your ranking in the search result page? This e-book i get from one of the tech blog in Internet where this e-book named as  “Marking the Most of Your Content”.

Basically this book is nothing much special if you had do a lot of homework on what is SEO, how to doing the SEO. But it is just a summary of every aspect of Search Engine optimization and is from the Google point of VIew.

You may get the answer for the question like:

  • Can Google index your site?
  • what is the thing behind Search Engine?
  • How the Search Engine work?
  • How Google arrange and rank the search result?
  • How Google is controlling the indexes?


Making the most of your content by Google
Making the most of your content by Google

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