Google Glass Sex App Lets You Enjoy the new way of Sex Making

sex with google glass

Google Glass now has an app that lets you see and record all parts of your lovemaking session, according to a developer who claims to have invented the new application, called Sex with Glass.  The developer insists that this is not a pornography app, but instead a way to allow sex partners to see the other’s point of view.  Sex with Glass promises to give an entirely new sexual experience.

The app works when two people wear Google Glass during sex.  Upon hearing the order, “OK, Glass, it’s time,” Sex with Glass will begin to stream live video of one partner’s real time view to the other person’s Glass display, essentially allowing both parties to see what the other sees.  The command, “OK, Glass, pull out,” will cease the live video stream.

The Sex with Glass website claims that the new app will also have the capability to connect with a home’s automation system in order to play mood music and dim lighting.  Not content to simply set the mood, the app, when hearing the words, “OK, Glass, give me ideas,” will search for and suggest different sexual positions to be tried.

Sex with Glass’s developer is also hoping to release a corresponding iPhone app, to be named Glance, which will allow Glass to use the iPhone’s camera in order to see sex from all angles as if watching a movie.  When the sex is over, the app creates a video that can be viewed later that contains footage from the iPhone and both Google Glasses.  Although the video will self-destruct a la Snapchat, it is live and viewable for five hours.

Sherif Maktabi, one of three designers who developed the app, calls Sex with Glass a way to make “sex more awesome with Google Glass.” In other words, the Google Glass sex app will let you see and record all parts of your lovemaking.

Sex with Glass will have a hard time finding a large following of consumers, though.  Google Glass has not yet been made available to the public.  Although Sex with Glass is free, those who are able to buy Google Glass have to pay $1500 each.  To use the Sex with Glass app, both partners have to own Google Glass and be willing to have sex with each other while wearing them as well as agree to see and record all parts of their lovemaking.

Critics are already pointing out possible flaws in the new app.  Google Glass has proven to be hackable, which raises concerns about maintaining the privacy of couples using Sex with Glass.  The live feed will also be easier to send accidentally to the wrong people.

Whether or not Sex with Glass ever becomes a reality remains to be seen.  To date, Google has not offered an opinion of the app.  What is known is that a pornography app developed for Google Glass was banned by Google soon after it was released.  Google also added a provision to its Glass content policy that expressly disallows any apps that contain graphic sex acts, nudity or sexually explicit material.

Even so, Maktabi remains hopeful that his app will meet the criteria, saying that nothing in his app is pornographic or sexually explicit.  Google representatives made no comment about the the Sex with Glass app that lets you see and record all parts of your lovemaking.



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