Google IME PinYin input method

pinyin_demoGoogle has just annouce their Google IME PinYin input method for all users who like to enter the chinese charecter. Google IME PinYin Method now is free for download all Microsoft Window 2000 SP4/XP/Vista user.

Although Microsoft Window XP and Vista are build-in with the Chinese cherecter input method, but Google IME PinYin input method do provide some extra and unique features such as:

  • Smart sentence building – Google PinYin Input Method builds sentences for you, reduce the time to choose the correct words.
  • Popular words – Powered by Google database, Google PinYin Input Method automatically updates the latest buzz words in Internet.
  • Spelling correction – Google PinYin Input Method provide the spelling correction features where it will show you the suggested correct spelling for your word that enter
  • Custom dictionary – For advance user, you may add your prefer word into the system
  • Sync – You can sync your input habit and personalized words with Google account and apply it on other computer, so your personalized habit will follow where you are.
  • One-click search – It is Google. You can search any word directly from the Google PinYin Input Method toolbar
  • English input – Google PinYin Input Method gives English words suggestion when you type english characters. No need to switch input method.
  • More features on Google IME PinYin Input method 

The latest version at this moment is

Click here to go to Google IME PinYin Input Method
Click here to download Google IME PinYin Input method  

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