The Google Keep note-taking service is officially launched and is accessible from the web and as an Android app from Google Play.


Google may have discontinued Reader, but a faux pas today might have revealed their next service. Google Keep looks to be a cloud-based, note-taking application in the same vein as Evernote and it went live today only to be taken down. Trying to visit all Keep-related sites at present brings up a 404 error. The initial spot was made by Android Police.


The interface for Google Keep seems to allow users to create notes with checklist items, text or images. Color coding and titling for the notes also seems to be possible from the screenshots that have surfaced. On the surface, Google Keep seems to have a superficial resemblance to the defunct Google Notebook which was slated to be a capturing service for collecting ‘research and personal notes’ including text, images, and links.


Google Keep is also expected to come with Google Drive integration. Many users save content and links by emailing it to themselves via their Gmail accounts. If Google Keep functions in the manner the screenshots indicate, then the new service should serve as a more elegant solution.



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