GoPayz by U Mobile

U-Mobile is the latest player who joining the E-Wallet game in Malaysia with their new wallet named – GoPayz 

Unlike other e-wallet available in the market, GoPayz actually focus on allowing their customer can easily accessing those financial product with a very affordable price. They are creating a new way to insure, invest and exchange currencies on the go. 

With GoPayz you may get the life insurance as low as RM 13/months and the coverage up to RM 76,000 – GoLife Plus.

Not only that, may may invest on the unit trusts easily using the GoPayz on their partner site FSMOne with a 0% to 1.75% of sales charges only.

To provide more flexibility for the e-wallet user, GoPayz actually provide multiple way of making payment, other than the virtual card, they also provide the physical Master Card, Visa Card as well as the UnionPay card. You may use the card to get cash at the ATM machine and it only cost RM 1 for local  and RM 10 for international withdrawal

Unlike most e-wallets, GoPayz can only be topped up via online banking (FPX) and debit cards – you cannot use a credit card to top up GoPayz. This is due to the existence of the physical prepaid card that can potentially be abused by some users, according to Albert Loo, head of digital financial services at U Mobile. This is a bad news for me as I am a heavy usage for the e-wallet product and the beauty of other wallet is that you may use credit card to top up (and earn the credit card point) than use the wallet to pay for the expenses and to enjoy the extra reward given by respective e-wallet company. 

From my own opinion, e-wallet market is very competitive nowadays as every player are try to gain as much as the market share by given a lot of goodies to the user, which it’s actually hurt the company income, but it’s a good news to end user, so the same will goes to the GoPayz as well, they are still new in the market and for sure they need to spend and create more awareness to the market in order to gain the market share, in simple word is they need to “burned” a lot of money. But overall is good to see more and more player joining the game so that that’s no any single big player able to monopoly the market.

The GoPayz apps currently available in Google Play Store as well as Apple Apps Store for download.


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