Grab and Samsung partner for digital inclusion in Southeast Asia

Grab and Samsung have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to help drive digital inclusion in Southeast Asia.

The two companies will work together on a wide range of initiatives to bring the benefits of technology, such as enhanced customer experiences and improved income opportunities, to millions of consumers and Grab driver-partners across Southeast Asia.

Grab is best known for its ride-hailing platform that operates in Southeast Asia but, over the years, the company has expanded its services into the fintech area. The company offers micro-financing schemes and mobile payments.


Micro-financing of mobile devices for drivers

The 2.3 million Grab driver-partners across Southeast Asia will have access to a micro-financing programme designed to give them access to mobile technology.

This initiative was piloted in Myanmar in Q4 2017, where only 30% of adults have access to formal financial services, and will soon be rolled out across the region. Currently, drivers in Myanmar who sign up with Grab can purchase and own Samsung devices and get a micro-loan from CB Bank, one of Myanmar’s largest banks and

Grab’s local banking partner, to finance the device. In less than three months of the pilot, more than 1,400 drivers in Myanmar have benefitted from this programme.


Enhanced customer experience at GrabKiosks and GrabBooths

To expand its services, Grab will also introduce more GrabKiosks and GrabBooths in busy consumer hubs such as shopping malls, hotels and airports.

These will feature Samsung devices with the Grab enterprise app pre-installed, allowing individuals and concierge services to book a Grab ride for themselves or others, even when they do not have data connectivity.

Infotainment services in selected cars

Grab and its content partners will pilot in-car multimedia services in Singapore, installing Samsung tablets inside cars for customers to view infotainment content, if they choose to, during their ride. This will be piloted throughout Southeast Asia in 2018.

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