Grab taps HERE Technologies’ 3D maps for better accuracy

If you’re a Grab user, then you can expect more accurate fare estimations, ETAs, and trip routing from now on, thanks to its partnership with HERE Technologies, a global map data and locations service provider.


HERE Technologies aim to create the most up-to-date three-dimensional representation of the real world in the virtual one, with a fleet of HERE True Vehicles mapping the road network down to 2cm accuracy into a cloud-based map. And now, Grab’s drivers and passengers have access to this accurate map of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


This partnership also means that Grab will have access to HERE Technologies’ extensive Places of Interest (POIs) database, as well as real-time traffic data sourced from connected vehicles and devices. Both parties will also work together in overcoming challenges of operating in rapidly developing countries with no established national address system, such as Myanmar and the Philippines.



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