Here’s why Apple named its A11 processor ‘Bionic’

Apple’s latest A11 is currently the most powerful mobile chipset in the market, but do you know what and how its name ‘Bionic’ came about? Well, Apple just wanted the A11 to sound cool, according to a writer from The Verge.

Apple told me it’s called Bionic because the company realized names like A8 and A9 weren’t particularly exciting compared to its competitors chip names, so it added ‘Fusion’ to the A10’s branding last year. So this year it’s ‘Bionic’.

So what ‘exciting’ names have Apple’s competitors come up with? Samsung’s processors are marketed as Exynos, while Huawei brands its chipsets as ‘HiSilicon Kirin’. Qualcomm consolidates its mobile platforms under the ‘Snapdragon’ branding. In the computing space, there are more interesting names, such as Intel’s ‘Coffee Lake’ CPUs and AMD’s Ryzen 3 processors.

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