ColdFusion CF is a rapid application development language that allow us to build a dynamic web site and web application easily. ColdFusion application server is build on top of Java so it’s can work in multiple OS platform such as Window or Linux as well as difference web server such as IIS web server or Apache web server.


The major difference between Web Server and Web Application Server is that Web server only have the limited capability. It wait for the request from the user and serve the request as soon as possible.


Web application server actually is to extends the capabilities of a web server. With the extended functionality, the web server now able to do more work and fuction such as interacts with database, other resources, interacts with other web service, or other application.

How ColdFusion works:

  • Below steps explain how web server and application server work together.
  • User requests a page by typing a URL in the browser, and web server receives the request.
  • Web server looks at the file extension to determine whether a web application server must process the page.
  • If user requests a page that is simple web page like HTM or HTML extension, the web server fulfills the request and sends it back to browser.
  • If user requests a page that application server must process like CFM, CFML or CFC extensions, the web server passes the request to the application server.
  • The web application server processes the page and sends the result to the web server, which returns those results to browser.

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