How to delete chat history in Facebook

Facebook is the world most famous and most interactive social networking medium online, other than sharing information and photo, now you can also able to chat with your friend via text, voice or video conference. To use the chat function from Facebook, just log into your Facebook account and at the bottom right hand side have the chat bar, just click on that bar and you can easily chat with your friend.


Many of you may be wondering how to delete Facebook chat history (or) clear chat history in Facebook page. To delete the chat history of any Facebook friend, just follow the few simple steps below:

  1.  Login into your Facebook account and check Facebook chat box at bottom right.
  2. Click ‘Chat’ button on the chat bar to expand it into box.
  3. Then click on setting icon on the top right hand side on the chat box.
  4. Click on clear window to delete the history


You can delete chat history of different Facebook friends using above procedure and clicking ‘Clear Chat History’ link in respective chat boxes. Please note, this will not delete Facebook chat history if you were chatting using desktop client software for Facebook chat instead of Facebook website.

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