How To Pay TNB Bills With Boost, GrabPay and TnG eWallet

In recent months, e-wallets (and even Shopee and Lazada) began offering bill payment options, which means Malaysians can earn some rewards or cashback for paying their bills. But, one merchant is almost always absent: Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). TNB bills stand in a league of its own in terms of difficulty in earning cashback.

Why you should aim for cashback or rewards from paying electricity bills
The electricity bill is the biggest utility expense we make every month and yet it’s unable for us to skip it – note that telephone, postpaid plans, Astro, and home internet plans are all NOT utility bills and you can earn reliable returns from all of them.

With the exception of Sabah Electricity (SESB) and Sarawak Energy which have both embraced digital payments on e-wallets and e-commerce platforms for some time now, electricity bill payments for TNB are limited to JomPay (no cashback for credit cards), selected physical outlets including Pos Malaysia and 7 Eleven (cash only), and MyTNB (not eligible for cashback for credit cards) and Kedai Tenaga (“Contactless” payments via credit cards should be eligible if the payment terminals support it, but you need to physically head out).

In short, earning some form of cashback or rewards from TNB bills is surprisingly difficult – and it means we lose out on potentially saving hundreds of Ringgit every year.

That’s not really an exaggeration. Although we calculated that the average electricity bill of a Malaysian household is RM93.98 (based on this 2016 Statista report and assuming a statistical average of 4 persons in a Malaysian household), households with multiple air conditioners and other appliances with high energy consumption result in substantially higher bills. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for urban households to have electricity bills multiple times this national average.

Imagine paying RM300 a month in electricity bills – that amounts to RM3,600 a year in spending that we can potentially earn some returns. With the increasing popularity of e-wallets, we can now earn tangible returns – which this article will show.

2 Ways To Earn Cashback For Paying TNB Bills Using E-Wallets

Thanks to e-wallets, it is now possible to easily earn cashback from paying your TNB bills. There are actually 2 way to make the payment to TNB using the eWallet, both of them are not complicated if you always doing online shopping or paying to the product purchase in convenient shop using the eWallet apps.

Pay via Boost or GrabPay on e-pay

e-pay is a payment platform by one of Malaysia’s most prominent payment processing companies, GHL. It has physical touch points as well as an online platform, e-pay offers a huge library of products and services that users can purchase or pay for, from mobile phone top-ups, bills, and game credits.

In the last few days, we found that the e-pay website had enabled Boost and GrabPay as payment options in addition to online banking via FPX. This is a game-changer, as smart Malaysians can now earn cashback (or air miles) for paying TNB bills online. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pay TNB bills on e-pay with Boost or GrabPay.

1. Register an account with e-pay. It’s a fairly straightforward process, just enter your email address, verify it from the email sent to you, and you’re in! Don’t forget to enter your details in the account section.

2. On the home page, click on the Bill Payment Collection tab. You can see the extensive list of merchants you can pay bills for. For the purposes of this article, let’s proceed with TNB. Click on the icon, and you can enter the amount you wish to pay, and click “Pay Now”.

3. In the next page, you’ll need to enter the TNB account number. Note that you can only make one transaction per day. Click “Next” when ready.

4. You’re almost done! This is the Order Review page. Double check the account number, how much you wish to pay, and tick the checkbox to agree with the T&C. Now, you’ll see three payment options: Online Banking (FPX), Boost, and GrabPay.

5. Let’s try Boost. You’ll need to confirm to proceed, and you’ll see Boost’s Scan and Pay webpage with a QR code. Open up your Boost app, scan the QR code, confirm the transaction with your fingerprint or PIN code, and you’re done! You’ll see the “Payment Confirmed” pop up appear on the Boost QR code webpage.

6. If your payment is successful (which it should be, unless your wallet balance is insufficient), you’ll reach the Payment Successful page. Take note to the right column: you can earn (slightly) more returns by entering your AirAsia Big or Sunway Pals account numbers. The points you earn from these loyalty partners are pretty low for bill payments though – but hey, every little counts!

7. Your bill payment is complete! To be sure you got everything right (especially on your first time), you can log in to MyTNB and check your payment history – payment should be reflected in real-time, so if your e-pay transaction doesn’t appear here after a while, contact e-pay ([email protected] or 03-5623 6000).

2. Pay at 7 Eleven via Touch ‘n Go eWallet

Another recently-discovered way to pay TNG bills and earn cashback is by using your TNG eWallet and paying offline at 7-Eleven outlets. While it is well-known that you can pay a lot of bills at 7 Eleven, not many are aware that you can use TNG eWallet to pay for them. In fact, we’ve even come across 7-Eleven cashiers who were adamant that e-wallets are not accepted for bill payment. Interestingly, Razer Pay isn’t supported, but TNG eWallet is.

To pay your TNB bill at 7-Eleven using TNG eWallet, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Bring a physical copy of your TNB bill that you wish to pay, and inform the cashier that you wish to pay a TNB bill.
  2. Tell the cashier how much you’d like to pay. Partial payments are possible, but note that you can only pay TNB bills once a day.
  3. Let the cashier scan the barcode on your TNB bill – it contains the TNB account number.
  4. Open your TNG eWallet app, and tap “Pay”. The cashier needs to scan your unique QR code. Depending on the outlet, some scanners can be freely moved (so you don’t have to give your phone to the cashier).
  5. If your wallet has sufficient balance, your bill payment is complete! You’ll get a physical receipt from the cashier, and a digital one in your e-wallet app.

Advantage of the using over the 7 eleven method of payment is because you also can earn your bigpay point if you bind your Airasia BigPay ID into the website. By doing so, you may make full use of all the reward that you get out of your monthly electricity bills.

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