How to secure your Microsoft Excel 2007 with password

We store a lot of important information in Excel file which we don’t want other to grant any access to that information. By using Microsoft Excel 2007 you may do so by protect your whole workbook.


In order to do that, click on File –> Save As.On the file-save pop up window, select the location where you which to store your file and type in the file name, after all, click on the tools at the bottom of the window and select General Options. A small window will pop up to ask you to enter the password to open as well as password to modify.


Pop up saved as window

Select general option from the drop down tools menu

Enter the password for view and modify your excel file

By enter these 2 passwords, Microsoft will protect your entire workbook and prevent anyone else to open and view your contents. Make sure you will remember your password that you enter as if you lost that password, it’s not an easy job to get back your content in your excel file.



The password will be require whenever you try to open the excel file

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