iflix announces original Malaysian drama series called KL Gangster: Underworld

iflix has announced the upcoming launch of its first original Malaysian drama series, called KL Gangster: Underworld. The drama, which is a six-part series will be completely filmed in Malaysia. KL Gangster: Underworld is a spin-off of KL Gangster 1 and 2, and is directed by Faisal Ishak and Syafiq Yusof.

The story follows the events in KL Gangster 1 with the disorderly clashing of gangs as their ringleaders are either locked up or dead. A mysterious gang member decides to retire from his life of crime until circumstances threaten to pull him back. At the same time, a new adversary is emerging, which could bring about a new era for the KL Gangsters.

The series will include new characters, high actions scenes, cinema-like production value, and will also incorporate realistic true crime issues like human trafficking. The series will air in mid-2018 exclusively on iflix’s worldwide platform.

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