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The Ikea Hackers (www.ikeahackers.net) is a site about the modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products. The term of hack is mean that a programmer or people who actually try to breaking or challenge to breaking into other computers/system. But this is not applicable for Ikea Hackers.


From this web site you may get the better idea how to repurposing or find the alternative way to use the IKEA product. Always bear in mind that hacking or changing the structure of the product may compromise the structural integrity of the furniture and its safety standard.


The author of Ikea Hackers – Jules (pseudonym) start her web blog start at year 2006. The idea why she starts the blog is come from browsing of Ikea product on the Internet. She found out that there are a lot of wonderful ideas around the Internet how to reuse or repurposing the product from IKEA, the statement of “how wonderful if I can gather everything all in one place” motivated her to start and manage the web blog until today.


This blog is totally not related to the IKEA and there is not any funding or advertisement from IKEA them self, but it’s purely fan-run web site. You are always welcome to submit your creativity idea on how to repurposing any IKEA product at here.


View the Ikea Hack for more creative idea to use your IKEA product


The following are some of the best idea from Ikea Hackers


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