Important of ALT Tags in SEO

Most of the SEO guru will recommend that try to minimize the use of image if you wish to maximize your web site SEO to the search engine. This is because the search engine spider can only read text, but cannot see the images. 

But a picture worth then a thousand word, with the text + image, you may help your reader to understand your topic better. So please remeber that whenever you use any images in your blog or web site, please add your keyword to your images alt-tags. 

With the Alt tags on your images, then only the search engine spider can “SEE” your images. But please remember not to spam your keyword, else you will be ban by the search engine.

What is Alt tag for images?

Alt is the images attributes that use to display text in case of someone that visit your page with the browser that can’t show images, or in case they have image loading turning off so that they can load the page faster. So they will see the empty boxes with your ALT tag as the text in the boxes to show what the image actually is.

Why use alt tag for images?

Alt tag may serve as your anchor text and it allow the user to find your images using the keyword. 

At the same time, you may get the free traffic from the images search engine such as

How to use alt tag for images?

Alt=”use alt for all your image so that the search engine spider can see”>

use alt for all your image so that the search engine spider can see

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