In Iceland, food and other packages can now be delivered via drone

Flytrex, an Israeli drone logistics company has collaborated with on-demand goods service AHA to develop a delivery route for drones in Reykjavík, Iceland. Flytrex  is working with the local transport authorities, training its staff, as well as solving the remaining parts of the drone delivery equation. Flytrex is also building a cloud-based network that the drone delivery system runs on.


Right now, Flytrex and AHA are using a modified DJI Matrice 600, also known as a hexacopter to deliver food and other items between two areas of the city that are divided by a wide river. Fundamentally, someone at AHA loads the delivery onto the drone, sends it across the bay and it will be taken by the delivery driver once it is across. This makes it so much easier for delivery drivers, as they normally would have to use routes around the bay, which consumes more time. As a result, deliveries can effectively be made in a couple of minutes.

The Matrice was revamped by Flytrex to equip a cargo compartment, allowing it to transport packages up to three kilograms for up to ten kilometers. This is ideal for AHA as it transports on-demand goods such as beer, hamburgers and sushi. Flytrex CEO Yariv Bash intends to execute actual drone deliveries using many routes across Reykjavík by end 2017, meaning that drones would head straight to recipients’ doorsteps. The drones will be lowered to the ground via a wire as opposed to it actually landing. Bash also adds that he perceives Flytrex to be drone agnostic, implying that more competent drones are able to be deployed as they enter the market.


The video below shows how the drone deliveries in Iceland are carried out.

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