InterCity Coach are now equipped with high speed wifi in bus

InterCity Coach again is another luxury coach company in Malaysia which travel within the peninsular Malaysia from Perlis to Malaka. All the InterCity buses are equipped with wifi and AC power supply at every row of seats which allow the passenger to stay online while they are on the road.


Besides the in bus high speed wifi, all InterCity coach also equipped with the Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS data will update back to their company web site to show the current location for the bus, as well as the bus speed every single minute. This is the first in Malaysia where the bus company allow the public to check their bus location.


InterCity Coach currently running  few promotions for their online member as per following:

  •  You can get extra 10% discount on your birthday month.
  • If you spend more than RM 1,000 in a single month, you will get 10% Intercity Discount Voucher
  • If you spend more than RM 3,000 in three consecutive months, will get 50% Intercity Discount Voucher
  • If you spend more than RM 6,000 yearly, you will be upgraded as Premier Platinum member where you get 10% off in all the ticket purchase



To learn more detail about InterCity Coach or purchase the bus ticket online you may visit their official web site or their Facebook page


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