Interlink – Boost your search engine ranking

interlink-logoSome of you may not know that what is Interlink actually? This is the most easy way for you to increase the number page indexed page in Google when the Google Bot visit your page.

Put it in the simple word, interlink actually is the link url within your blog. For example, I wrote a post is regarding the “WordPress SEO Plugin“, so I try create a link to my other blog post which may relate to this topic as well. It just like you try to link up all the related content within your blog.

How it helping in SEO?

Google Bots are actually crawl the Internet world by the link. But sometime the Google bot are so busy and it may miss out to index some of your post. So by creating a link to other article you actually create a new path or road to show the Google Bots to index that article as well. By creating a new road for Google Bots to crawl your blog, you actually can decrease the percentage of unindex topic in your blog post. By making the Google Bot happy, it actually will pay a return to improve your search engine ranking.

Thing to remember when creating the Interlink.

But bear in mind, don’t do it excessive, else the intelligent’s Google bot will get angry. As the Google Bots are try to behave like a human reader wher there page with full with the link will actually make it confusing. In addition, they may also think that you are trying to spam the Google Bot and as a result, they may just ignore your page.

How to doing that?

Actually there are 2 ways to doing that:

Automatically mean that you do nothing to link the post, but the blog system help you to do. What you need is just to install the plugin for your wordpress and let it do the job. There are a lot of plugin which may help you doing that, one of them is SEO Smart Links.

Manual mean that you create the intersite link by your self in your article. Try to insert a link to refer to the other related topic that you may discuss before.

How the Interlink actually helping in traffic?

Basically Interlink is mean that you create many path way to help your reader to easily navigate within your blog. For example, if they are reading on the topic A which are related to the topic B , and the topic B are actually relate to topic C. So from the topic A, you actually create the shortcut for them to go to topic B and also topic C. As a result, they will feel that your blog are actually so informative and you are actually try to attract them back to your blog again.

So while you creating the Interlink, you may also need to edit your old post to link back to your other newly created topic as well. Again, you are helping the Google Bot and also your reader to easily nevigate through your blog.

By controlling your content and the link, you are actually make your blog more user friendly and this will help you to gain the return reader if you can gain their first impressions.

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