Kaspersky Lab launches free antivirus solution worldwide

Eugene Kaspersky, the Chief Executive Officer of Russia-based cybersecurity company, Kaspersky, recently announced the global availability of a free lightweight antivirus solution, called Kaspersky Free, on his official blog.



It goes without saying that the features of Kaspersky Free won’t be as comprehensive as Kaspersky’s paid-for solutions, such as Kaspersky Internet Security. But nonetheless, you’ll still be getting the necessary essentials, including file, email, web, and IM antivirus. Kaspersky Free will also receive regular automatic updates, so you can rest assured knowing that its antivirus/malware definitions are always up-to-date.


“This arsenal ensures convenient and safe web surfing (is it still surfing? Sounds a bit 90s to me), working with USB sticks and other portable storage media, and protection against both phishing and infected files being run. In short, the indispensable basics that no one on the planet should do without,” said Eugene Kaspersky on his blog.


Kaspersky has long had a solid reputation for acing independent antivirus software reviews, so there’s really no reason for you to feel dubious about its capabilities. Those of you who are still counting on Windows Defender – or due diligence/common sense – to keep your system clean, you know what to do.

You can download Kaspersky Free from here.

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