Kaspersky will do anything to prove it’s not on anyone’s side

The U.S. government has its suspicions about Kaspersky having shady affiliations with the Russian government, and threatens to ban the anti-virus software in its draft defense bill. Founder Eugene Kaspersky has rebutted American government claims by saying it has never helped any government in the world for the purpose of cyber espionage.


To further prove his transparency, Kaspersky has went on to say that he is willing to disclose source code and testify in front of U.S. Congress if necessary. Eugene also said that unnamed governments have approached Kaspersky to help them start cyber attacks, but the anti-virus software never gave in.


He also mentioned that his company network is too intricate to be exploited by an employee. It would require a group of people that can access different sections of Kaspersky’s technological processes. Eugene also intends to move a portion of his research work to the U.S. to gain its trust.


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