Learning iOS4

After upgrading my iPhone 3gs to iOS4 just some time ago, and the second thing to do after I restore back all my itune information to my iphone is to learn how to use iOS4 especially on the new features such as the multitasking and so and so on.

I believe most of the people think that Apple product are as easy to use as you even no need to reading any guide to learn. But in order to fully ultilize it, I decide to learn it by looking for some useful video on Video.

I manage to find the cool video clip from TipB.com which show how to do stuff on your iOS4 include multitasking, create folders, iBooks, changing the walpaper, tips and tricks that useful.

This is the 10minuts long video and is good to have a look on it as it show a lot of useful features and function on iOS4.

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