Malaysian Internet Users spend 20 hours a week online, 54% purchase online

According to Nielsen’s latest online consumer survey on 1321 Internet users, Malaysians on average spend 19 hours and 48 minutes a week online (which is double the time watching television) and the Internet users from the age group of 30 to 39 years old spend longest time, up to 21 hours and 12 minutes.

The result of survey also reported that:

  • 53% of the respondents go online everyday while 35% go online every week.
  • 68% use Internet to communicate
  • 66% use Internet for learning
  • 63% use Internet for information
  • 55% use Internet to past time
  • 51% use Internet for entertainment
  • 54% to purchase online
  • 46% trust the Internet resources
  • 44% mainly depends on Internet for news
  • 49% choose to use laptop to access Internet
  • Malaysian consumers on average spend 5.6 hours a week to play online games
  • Malaysian consumers on average spend 5.3 hours a week to use smart phone go online
  • 3% of the respondents use smart phone to go online and only 1% use Tablet PC
  • 94% use social networking sites as shopping guideline
  • 83% on social networking sites for one on one private chatting, which is the most popular online activities
  • 69% on social networking sites to check friends’ messages
  • 45% on social networking sites to share about their experience on their products, brands or services

The usage of smart phone and tablet PCs is rising in the country. The number of smart phone users aged 15 years old and above is expected to be doubled from 48% to 89% within a year while the number of table PCs users is expected grows from current 18% to 75% in the middle of next year. It shows that smart phones and tablet PCs has become a necessity and it can help you to keep in touch with your business partners and customers while you are travelling.

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