Maybank2u change the new interface, at the wrong timing

Maybank2u had just redesign their web portal which look very similar to Window 8 metro user interface. The new design of the new Maybank2u interface is using the Live Tiles-like design.

Everything is good and cool but the IT team choose the wrong date for the new launching, which fall in the Black Friday (29 Nov 2013 2:00pm). This date should be the most peak transaction date where all the E-Commerce website try to do the promotion at this date.

Found out from Maybank2u twitter and Facebook fans page, they received a lot of negative feedback from the existing customer where all facing the slow connection to their website or totally unable to access their website to do the transaction.

Just about an hours after the rollout of new interface, the bank finally announce in their twitter that they are going to reverted back to the previous old Maybank2U interface. The website finally back to normal after the action taken.

Maybank2u new interface
Maybank2u new interface

Quote from Maybank ex-president and CEO Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar:

Within our[Maybank] customer base, we have some 2.3 million active users who performed over 2.5 million shopping transactions worth about RM675 million last year (2012).

For my personal point of view, as the biggest banking body in Malaysia which have around 2.3 million of active user, they should not make the immediate change of their interface but should rolling it out phase by phase or come with beta version for user to try. At the same time they also can get the Faedback from their customer without affecting the normal on-line transaction. Not all user can immediately or easily adopted to the new interface without any education given especially those senior user.

Besides that, special event date such as Black Friday shopping festival, beginning and end of the month should be excluded from their implementation date as well, as this time is the peak time for the online transaction.

Hope that the Maybank management should look into this incident seriously and should not happen again as their are the biggest banking body in Malaysia. As well as other competitor bank should learn from experience that happen to Maybank.

Although the Maybank team already rolled back their new design interface, but you still able to access it via this link: Maybank2u New Design Interface

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