MemInfo – Monitor your system memory

MemInfo LogoMemInfo is a FREEWARE which show you the current memory (RAM or page file) usage by your system. It will appear as the small system tray when it running, with the small icon with the graphic that showing you what is your current memory usage in the real time. 

In addition, with the highly customization features, you may choose when and how the MemInfo should display, when should alert you about the memory usage, show physical memory or windows page file.

The most important and highlighted features for MemInfo is the Memory Defragmenter which allow you to speed up your computer by maximizing the available free memory.

MemInfo can only run in Microsoft window NT 4.0/2000/XP (32/64 bits)/2003/Vista(32/64 bits)

Click here to go to MemInfo home page
Click here to download MemInfo

MemInfo in system tray screenshot
MemInfo in system tray screenshot

MemInfo setting screenshot
MemInfo setting screenshot

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