Microsoft launch SkyDrive app for iPhone and Window phone

Microsoft just announced their new iPhone Apps for their Cloud Storage – SkyDrive. Now you have 1 more alternative besides iCloud, Box and Dropbox. SkyDrive apps worked similar with other competitor product which you can access all your files and folders from anywhere at anytime. Besides accessing your documents, music, videos and pictures, can share them easily with other people.


The major advantage for SkyDrive compare to other product is the storage size. For those who are familiar with SkyDrive, you should know that Microsoft actually offer 25GB of free storage if compare to Dropbox who offer 2GB, whereas Box is actually offer 5GB of storage.



Watch the SkyDrive app for iPhone


Watch the SkyDrive app for Windows phone


Click here to download SkyDrive for iPhone

Click here to download SkyDrive for Window Phone

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