Microsoft launches PowerApps, allowing you to build business apps without any coding skills



Microsoft today launched PowerApps, a new service that allows business users to easily create a basic mobile or Web-based app without requiring codes.

Available in preview from today, the idea behind it is to take more business apps to mobile, instead of being tied to the PC as they have been traditionally.

Users can access data from cloud services like Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox or other on-premises systems through PowerApps and use that information to create their app.

For example, if you export a file from Salesforce tracking employees performance, you could create an app to follow that, instead of exporting and analyzing a file every week.

PowerApps also comes with sample apps and templates, so users don’t have to come up with an a design or layout from scratch.

The apps are designed on a PC and can then be accessed on-the-fly through the PowerApps app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Apps can be shared with other people through a URL link and they can collaborate on the project as well.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of app platform Bill Staples said in a statement today that the aim of PowerApps is to bridge the innovation gap in the business apps sector.

And while Microsoft may not be the first to come up with this idea, it’s already at an advantage as one of the most recognizable business brands in the world and as first choice for many in-office software around the globe.

The company has not released pricing information while the service is still in preview.

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